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Since 2002 arranges Polar Expeditions Ltd a unique ice camp Barneo on the drifting Arctic pack ice. Every year , April 1 through 30, Polar Expeditions builds up its unexampled ice camp - the starting point of all polar expeditions: from high-latitude scientific researches up to tourist routes to the North Pole.

Polar Expeditions has brought more than 1500 lucky travelers to the North Pole. Among the clients of the company there are such world renowned travelers as Dmitry Shparo and Victor Boyarsky from Russia; Borge Ousland from Norway; Paul Shurke from the USA; Richard Weber from Canada; Eric Philips from Australia or Sir David Attenborough from UK.
Celebrities are also eager to experience expeditions on skis and dog sledges to the top of the world. Like Richard Donavan, who ran field-and-track marathons on the North Pole several times. 
Polar Expeditions offers most amazing extreme activities on the North Pole, such as parachute jumps, scuba diving, demonstration of airplane models, photo exhibitions, soccer, golf and tennis competitions. In 2006 Polar Expeditions organized a trip on dog harnesses from Barneo station to the North Pole for Prince Albert of Monaco. This expedition brought new fame to this untiring traveler and it added a flare of glamour to the North Pole. 
Joy, happiness, and sense of major accomplishment will always be a part of Polar Expeditions memories for its clients.


How do I get to the North Pole?
Answer: Your trip officially begins at Longyearbien, Spitzbergen, Norway. From there, you will take a special flight to our "Barneo" field camp, 150 kilometers away from the North Pole. Depending on the program you choose, you will either fly to the Pole itself by helicopter, or ski there with our guides. The simplest way of getting to Longyearbien is by flying through Oslo.

Will you be able to meet me at the airport and book a hotel for me?
Answer: We can meet you at the arrival gate and accompany you at all stages of your trip. Please discuss the details with our travel consultant.

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With the help of Polar Expeditions the prince of Monaco Albert II


has made dogsled trip from station "Barneo" to the North Pole in 2006. Expedition has brought new glory to the tireless traveller, as to the North Pole; for the first time the head of the state visited this unique geographical point.



Matvey Shparo and Boris Smolin - have reached the North Pole at polar night.


On March, 14th 2007 polar explorers of Matvey Shparo and Boris Smolin have reached for the first time the North Pole at polar night. Evacuation of travellers passed by helicopters from ice base of Barneo.



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